14 Oct 2007
0.4 version released
21 Aug 2006:
0.3 version released
14 Apr 2006:
0.2 version released
18 Nov 2003:
First 0.1 package was missing scripts directory, uploaded a quick fix (hopefully not too many people got that broken version).
15 Nov 2003:
PyLogo first announced.


PyLogo is a Logo interpreter written in Python. Its implementation is small, and is based on the language as implemented by UCBLogo. The Logo language is a learning language, intended for children for which more "complete" languages aren't appropriate. Many of Logos language design choices are driven by this, and differ from Python.

For more, read the documentation:


You can download from the Cheese Shop Page, or if you use easy_install with easy_install PyLogo.

The subversion repository is available with:

svn co PyLogo

Or with easy_install PyLogo==dev


PyLogo has a mailing list at -- subscribe here.

-- Ian Bicking <>